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Institute of Sociology, University of Graz

The Institute for Sociology at the University of Graz is a teaching and research institute with an academic staff of about 15. The department for "Macro-sociological Analyses and Methods of Empirical Social Research", established within the institute in 1985, is responsible for the Austrian part of the ISSP. The Department is headed by Professor Franz Hoellinger and has a staff of four full-time sociologists. Teaching and research in the department focus on international comparative social research, on the sociology of economics, of work and the family, and on quantitative and qualitative methods of social research.

In co-operation with a number of other researchers and institutes throughout Austria, the department is also responsible for the Austrian Social Science Survey (a survey along the lines of an Austrian GSS). The department organises numerous conferences and publishes a series of working papers and reprints on international comparative research.

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Institute of Sociology
University of Graz
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