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Three institutions co-operate in the ISSP surveys in Finland: School of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Tampere, Statistics Finland and Finnish Social Science Data Archive.

The department has three disciplines: sociology, social psychology and social anthropology. Many ongoing sociological research projects at the department analyse Finnish society and other European societies from a comparative perspective. Major comparative projects have dealt, for example, with social transformation in post-socialist countries. Other research topics concern issues like information society, family and everyday life, leisure time and working life. The department is also strongly engaged in developing research methods and strategies for the social sciences.

Contact Person: Professor Harri Melin

School of Social Science and Humanities
University of Tampere
Tel: +358 50 420 1526

Statistics Finland’s Social Survey Unit conducts surveys charting social conditions in Finland. Data is collected using telephone and face-to-face interviews, postal questionnaires, electronically via the Internet, or by
combining these data collecting methods. Existing registers are also diversely utilised. In addition to its own regular surveys, Statistics Finland also conducts surveys for outside clients, including governmentministries,other
government bodies, universities and research institutes. Statistics Finland has access to a large number of administrative registers for sampling. The sample frame used for surveys of the population is the updated central
population register, from which random samples are taken

Contact Person: Markku Nieminen

Survey Research Unit
Statistics Finland
Tel: +358 50 500 5244

The Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) is a national resource centre for social science research and teaching. It started to operate in the beginning of 1999, and it is a separate unit at the University of Tampere. FSD provides a wide range of services from data archiving to information services. FSD's main task is to increase the use of existing data in the social sciences by disseminating data throughout Finland and also internationally. Finland is a member of CESSDA and FSD is its national service provider.

Contact Person: Helena Laaksonen

FSD Finnish Social Science Data Archive
University of Tampere
Tel: +358 40 190 1440