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Instituto de Ciências Sociais (ICS), University of Lisbon

ICS mission is to study contemporary societies with a special emphasis on Portugal and the societies and cultures with which it has a historical relationship. 
This Mission has been accomplished through: 
a) Innovative research into contemporary societies in the form of books and articles published in nationally and internationally renowned journals; 
b) Graduate teaching, mainly PhD programmes, directly linked to the research undertaken at ICS; 
c) Outreach activities, mainly the transfer and dissemination of knowledge to the wider community, through Observatories of Portuguese Society.

d) The production and archive of social data. ICS is the Portuguese host institution of ISSP, EVS, ESS-ERIC and CESSDA-ERIC.

Until 2020, ICS will be contributing to Changing Societies: Legacies and Challenges – a research agenda that lead the way to a new era as a research unit within the newly-merged University of Lisbon (ULisbon). This strategy is shaped by the need to respond to emerging societal trends and social issues in a changing and unstable world (namely those concerning Inequality, Citizenship and Sustainability), taking into account both its structural underpinnings and short-term dynamics.

This agenda results from the collaboration between researchers of different disciplinary areas (Social and Cultural Anthropology, Economics, History, Human Geography, Political Science, Social Psychology, and Sociology), organized into 7 Research Groups: Empires, Colonialism & Post-Colonial Societies; Environment, Territory and Society; Identities, Cultures, Vulnerabilities; Life Course, Inequality & Solidarity: Practices and Policies; Power, Society & Globalization; Regimes & Political Institutions; Socio-Political Attitudes & Behaviours. ICS has always been rated as an Institution of Excellence (the highest rating) by international FCT panels (1996, 1999, 2005 and 2008). These evaluations have provided a stimulus for innovative and interdisciplinary research, for high-quality teaching and for enhancing the social relevance of knowledge produced by ICS. Over fifty years, the driving force behind ICS has been the combination of researchers and the ideas they investigate with a scientific culture characterised by methodological and theoretical diversity.

Contact Persons:

Alice Ramos

Jorge Vala

Instituto de Ciencias Sociais
University of Lisbon
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