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ARU Foundation

ARU Foundation is an independent, non-profit and pluralistic think tank. Its commitment is to create and to promote quality local research working with comprehensive tools so that the public policies debate is encouraged. ARU Foundation seeks also to inform and encourage public policies decision-making based on evidence.

In 2006 the idea of establishing an institution to strengthen quality applied research and promote research-oriented education in Bolivia was conceived. Therefore, in August 31st, 2007 the non-profit ARU Foundation was established. In 2010, along with other 49 institutions around the world, ARU Foundation was chosen as a grantee of the Think Tank Initiative which strengthens the organizations institutional side and contributes to make ARU a driver of change.

During these years of work, ARU Foundation has found different issues regarding the basic inputs to developed quality research. Thus, one of the institutions initiatives was the production of quality data through the Bolivian Survey and Microdata Network (RBME).

In the field of research production, initiatives such as the Applied Research Workshop or the participation in the Network of Inequality and Poverty have managed the creation of discussion spaces able to contribute to a better quality research. Finally, ARU Foundation has begun the promotion of quality local research production, launching the First Annual Research Contest in significant topics for Bolivia.

We believe that reaching an effective policy requires a long way of research. In order to be able to advise policy makers, the research should collect data, establish facts and fundamentally, explain them using the most appropriated methods for the type of collected information and the problem faced.

As in most developing countries, applied research faces severe constraints regarding the access to reliable information and methodologies. We try to overcome these constraints by carefully collecting the data and continuously training our young researchers. Only after the facts are collected and explained, it is possible to identify the problem and to formulate solution policies. Even more important, it is necessary to identify the scope, impact, costs, effectiveness, and unintended adverse effects which each alternative solution implicates.

Finally, we conduct unbiased and information based assessments about present and past experiences so that we are able to learn from our achievements and mistakes. Integrating within ARU Foundations vision, the promotion of evidence based public policy allowed the creation of spaces to discuss the relevance of evidence based research on public policies, such as the Evidence Based Meetings that this institution creates as a space for debate between intellectuals and policy makers. Thus, ARU Foundation has accomplished a great result incorporating the concept of Evidence Based Public Policy within the national context.

In order to promote collaboration between institutions, ARU Foundation established cooperation agreements with public and private institutions. To date, the ARU Foundation has established cooperative relationships with the following institutions, through diverse activities:

  • School of Public Management Plurinational
  • Ministry of culture and Vice-ministry of decolonization
  • Bolivian Catholic University
  • Private Bolivian University
  • Mayor de San Andres University
  • Private of Santa Cruz University
  • Amazónica de Pando University
  • Institute for Socio Economic Research
  • Defensor del Pueblo (Ombudsman)
  • Konrad Adenauer Foundation
  • Cruceo Statistical Institute (Statistical Office of Santa Cruz)
  • Autonomous Government of La Paz

  • Alvaro Chirino Guttierez
    ARU Foundation
    Arcadia Building, 111 Office
    2588 Pinilla st. and Arce Av. San Jorge
    La Paz