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GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences, the ISSP data archive, is responsible for archiving, integrating data and documentation and for the distribution of the merged international datasets for the Programme. Since 1997 the GESIS Data Archive is supported in the processing of data by the Spanish ISSP partner ASEP, Madrid every second year. The ISSP data web pages provide search facilities and information about modules, data access and archiving rules. Find the list of participating countries by module on this page. Any questions about data, documentation and archiving should be sent to the GESIS Data Archive.

Data documentation and online analyses of the ISSP modules is available from the GESIS Data Archive's web pages by clicking in the list below or from the GESIS Data Archive Online Study Catalogue (ZACAT). Data can be directly downloaded from the GESIS Data Catalogue (DBK) after a simple registration procedure. User support is available from the Data access page.

Online Analysis of ISSP data in English and Spanish is also available at ASEP/JDS.

An example for the recommended bibliographic citation for this data collection:

ISSP Research Group (2009): International Social Survey Programme: Leisure Time and Sports - ISSP 2007. GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA4850 Data file Version 2.0.0, doi: 10.4232/1.10079

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  • 2018 Religion IV
  • 2019 Social Inequality V