Data Archive

The GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences is the official ISSP data archive. Beyond long-term data preservation, the archive team is responsible for harmonizing and integrating the national datasets. It also provides the data, its documentation and support for external users. Since 1997 the GESIS Data Archive is supported in the processing of data by the Spanish ISSP partner ASEP/JDS every second year.

The archive‚Äôs ISSP module web pages provide search facilities and comprehensive information on modules, metadata and data access. Please, direct any questions about data, documentation or archiving to the following email address: isspservice(at)

Some useful information that can be found on the GESIS ISSP module pages:

Since 1985 the ISSP has been producing datasets on an annual basis. All these data can directly be searched and downloaded from the GESIS website after a simple registration procedure. Online analyses can be conducted via the GESIS online platform ZACAT or at ASEP/JDS (1998-2007; also in Spanish).