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The ISSP is excited to share news about its upcoming second User Conference on Environment, set to take place in an online format on December 4, 2023. The detailed conference program is now available. Explore more about the event and register by clicking here.

We are pleased to announce the publication of the final release of the international ISSP 2020 Environment IV data file (ZA7650_v2.0.0), including data from 28 ISSP member countries.  The data and associated documentation for this release can be found at the following link:

The 2nd ISSP User Conference is scheduled for December 4th of this year and will center around the crucial theme of Environment.

We are very pleased to announce that the Call for Abstracts is now officially open. All essential information can be found here or on the dedicated ISSP User Conference page

We are very happy to announce the release of an updated cumulated trend data set built from the ISSP Role of Government modules I-V. This new release incorporates the data of the last wave of ISSP 2016 (ZA4747,doi:10.4232/1.14113and Add On-file (ZA4748, doi:10.4232/1.14109).

The data sheds light on issues such as attitudes towards government responsibilities and government spending, state intervention in the economy, civil liberties, political interest, trust, and efficacy. Covering 31 countries from across the world, they allow combined cross-national and trend analyses over three decades.

For more information see the ISSP Role of Government cumulation web page:

At this year’s General Assembly in April, the ISSP elected the Netherlands as its 45th member country. The Netherlands will be represented by Tilburg University. More information on the new member country can be found here.

The ISSP General Meeting 2023 is currently being held in Iceland. The ISSP member countries are gathering in Reykjavik from April 29 to May 3 to discuss the forthcoming ISSP 2024 Digital Societies & ISSP 2025 Work Orientation modules. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest news! @ISSP_survey

The ISSP is glad to announce the publication of the final release of the international ISSP 2019 Social Inequality V data file (ZA7600_v3.0.0), including data from 29 countries across the world.

Please find the integrated data file and related documents here

The ISSP is very pleased to announce its first ISSP User Conference on Social Inequality, which will be held online on December 12, 2022. The Call for Abstracts is open, the extended deadline for submissions is October 30, 2022. Register for the conference here.

At this year’s General Assembly in June, the ISSP voted back Canada as its 44th member country. Canada will be represented by the Survey Research Centre (SRC) at University of Waterloo.

The much anticipated first data release of the ISSP 2020 Environment IV is out now! It includes data from 14 countries (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Taiwan and Thailand).

Please find the integrated data file and related documents here: