The Institute for Social Research, Zagreb

The Institute for Social Research in Zagreb (IDIZ) is the first social science research institution established in Croatia. It was founded by the University of Zagreb in 1964.

IDIZ conducts interdisciplinary scientific research in the fields of social structures, youth, education, culture, religion, science and technology, sociology of space (rural and urban), gender, as well as research of global social values.

IDIZ has participated in a number of international projects as a member of networks such as NEPC, CIDREE etc. It is a member of the consortium of the FP6 CA project Religions and Values: Central and Eastern European Research Network. IDIZ continuously provides the analytical foundation for a number of national and local policies, as well as NGO partners and international institutions and organisations. Active cooperation is maintained with individual experts from diverse fields.

IDIZ publishes a long standing journal Rural Sociology, as well as its own edition of monographs Science and Society.

There are 45 employees at the Institute of which 36 are researchers. IDIZ operates from a fully equipped centrally-located office.

IDIZ turnover in 2006 was approx 1 200 000 €, of which 230 000 € was committed exclusively to research implementation.