Team CVoter

Center for Voting Opinion & Trends in Election Research (CVoter) was started as an initiative to act as an interface between the people and the polity. During last two decades it has established itself as largest Indian owned public opinion and stakeholder research agency. It has credibility and reputation of a leader in evaluations across south and south-east Asian regional footprint. Team CVoter has been providing timely and accurate service to organizations working in various parts of the world; especially to those involved in the transitional societies including conflict and disaster hit areas and supporting the deprived sections of society by means of policy oriented research.

Its Internal quality assurance and operations is supplied by a 26 member core team of experts ensuring high quality timely delivery of domestic and international assignment. This team is supported by its own 24×7 back office and 125 seats Global CATI center which undertakes survey design, fieldwork, data processing and analytic assignments in large volumes. The group carries out almost 25 international and domestic evaluation projects every year. In India; their weekly omnibus is carried out in 12 languages and covers the most heterogeneous and complex societies in a country of 1.2 billion people. It also happens to be the only regular currency to map the dynamic public opinion of the fastest growing democratic economy of the world.