Czech Republic

Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences was established in 1990. It is engaged in the pursuit of research into contemporary society and in the provision of post-graduate education in the field of sociology. A central subject of its research is the sociological analysis of long-term social processes in Czech society in the context of the development of a knowledge society and the cultivation of human, social and cultural capital. It also makes use of information, concepts and methods drawn from related scholarly fields, such as economics, law, political science, demography, social geography, and gender studies. The Institute conducts ongoing and one-time empirical surveys, comparative research studies, public opinion surveys, and case studies, applying modern qualitative and quantitative research methods, and it also cultivates the development of sociological theory and methodology. In addition, the Institute houses the Czech Social Science Data Archive (CSDA), the Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM) and the Library of the Institute of Sociology.