The Institute of Marketing and Opinion (IMO)

The Institute of Marketing and Opinion (IMO) is an organization dedicated to measuring public opinion through a scientific approach, by gathering societies thoughts. It is the mission of the IMO to investigate national and international public opinion with regard to political, economic, social, structural and current subjects, to promote knowledge of the nations’ thinking and to project it at the world community, thus contributing to a more equitable development.

The objective of the IMO is to be consolidated as the most important research center of public opinion in Mexico, with a strong international projection, nonprofit oriented and free from commercial and political commitments, dedicated to dealing with matters of great interest and enriching the debate on factors affecting the enterprises’ market and on the great regional, national and global subjects.

The IMO was founded with prestige, its members are all professionals in the opinion and marketing research, they have the experience of more than 20 years and the capacity to design and manage investigation projects in these topics.