Department of Politics and Society, Aalborg University

Aalborg University was founded in 1974, and the Faculty of the Social Sciences was reorganized to its present form in 1989. Its four social science departments are interdisciplinary, and research cooperation between departments is widespread.

The Department of Politics and Society is involved in a wide range of research and teaching, from economics and public administration to sociology and political sociology. Major research fields include: macroeconomics, public administration and organization, policy analysis, labor market policy, comparative welfare state studies, studies of local politics, democratic theory, political participation, election studies and political attitudes. At present, 35 senior lecturers, professors and other researchers are employed in the department, along with ten to twenty doctoral students and research assistants.

The Danish participation in the ISSP is financed by the Carlsberg Foundation. A group of researchers in the Department of Economics, Politics, and Public Administration at Aalborg University is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the ISSP modules. Fieldwork is conducted by private, opinion pollsters.