Founded in 2011, the Applied Social Science Forum is an independent, non-profit Think-Tank organization, whose main concern is to help researchers in the Arab region bridge the gap between social sciences, knowledge and the marketplace, and influence policy discussions and debates. It aims to enhance the quality of scientific work among the new generations of scholars in the new democratic context, through its direct applications and its role as a think tank and an intellectual platform.
Through applied social science research, the ASSF seeks to help in resolving concrete social problems, inform public policy, influence legislation and reform institutions. It aspires to become a resource institution for regional scholars and to initiate new steps to enhance the sense of network and community among them with the support of new local and international partners.

The ASSF collaborates with researchers and research institutes in the social sciences in Tunisia, in the Arab region, and internationally. It has been a member of:

  • The Arab Security Index (ASI)
  • The World Value Survey (WVS)
  • The Political Trust Barometer (PTB)
  • Arab Trans
  • The Local Governance Barometer (LGB)
  • The Arab Social Dignity Index