Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD)

NSD – Norwegian Centre for Research Data is a research infrastructure founded by the Research Council of Norway in 1971. Since 2003 NSD is a non-profit limited company owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

NSDs principal objective is to improve the conditions for empirical research. NSD collects, processes, prepares, archives and disseminates data to the research community nationally as well as internationally, with the overall aim to make data available with minimal legal, financial or practical barriers for the end users. NSD guides researchers and students regarding data acquisition and processing, analysis, privacy protection and research ethics.

NSD has been a member of the ISSP since 1989, and a former ISSP secretary. NSD is also a member of RDA, ICPSR, the DDI Alliance, and the Core Scientific team of the European Social Survey and is a Service Provider to CESSDA.