South Korea

Survey Research Center, Sungkyunkwan University

The Survey Research Center (SRC) holds the membership in the ISSP representing South Korea.

The SRC was founded at the Sungkyunkwan University in 1997 as an independent, non-profit social science research institute specializing in academic social surveys. The SRC embodies two basic missions: generation and dissemination of high-quality survey data. During its relatively short existence, the SRC has carried out numerous large-scale social surveys on behalf of the Korean academic community, and enjoyed the strong support of scholars and institutions from both inside and outside the academia all over the world. Particularly noteworthy is the annual implementation of KGSS (Korean General Social Survey) from the year of 2002. In addition to the participation in the ISSP, the SRC has been an active founding member of the EASS (East Asian Social Survey), a survey-network of four GSS-type surveys in East Asia (CGSS, JGSS, KGSS, & TSCS). In the wave of globalization in the area of academic social surveys, the SRC is constantly incorporating the two module surveys of ISSP and EASS into its larger survey framework of KGSS.